The Learning Hub

You have clients that use substances but you aren’t sure if its a problem or how to address it if it is problematic.

You’ve learned a ton in school and in your career. There’s one area where you might not have gotten the training you need.  I’m here to help bridge the gap between our training and our practice in relation to substance use in our clients.

Below are opportunites for to learn more about substance use on your own time!

Substance Use Decision Tree

Free guide for therapists who want clear direction!

With this Decision Tree you will:

  • See which substances and use patterns can be treated in-house and when you should refer out
  • Determine their readiness to start talking about their use so you can make a plan for next steps
  • Consider specific boundaries around sessions to help improve engagement and impact of the therapy hour

Free 5 Steps Webinar

The 5 Steps to confidently and effectively

ask about client use of drugs and alcohol!

This 1-hr webinar will teach you to:

  • Confidently ask clients about substance use no matter how long you’ve known them
  • Clearly explain the rationale for why you are bringing up substance use
  • Deepen your understanding of the client’s history and current presentation
  • Begin having honest and productive conversations about your client’s  drug and alcohol use right away

Analyzing Alcohol

Finding the middle ground

between recreation and addiction.

In this 2-Hour Webinar
we will cover:

  • How much is too much alcohol in a given week
  • Risks associated with alcohol
  • Gray area drinking
  • Spectrum of drinking between addiction and recreation
  • How to support sober-curious clients

Considering Cannabis

Addressing the good, the bad
and the ugly in therapy

This webinar will teach you to:

  • Common claims about marijuana and what research tells us about their accuracy.
  • Facts about the different forms of marijuana and how they are used
  • The potential impact of the use of THC on therapy and mental health.
  • How different forms of THC (oil, wax, plant) impact people differently

Mooring Lines of Recovery

A Recovery Planning Template for creating

personalized recovery plans for your clients

This tool is:

  • Usable for clients who wish to change their relationship with substances
  • Conveniently designed in an electronically fillable format that can also be printed for use in hard copy
  • Appropriate for people at all levels of substance use
  • Full of useful information regarding cravings, triggers, phases of recovery and how to walk clients through recovery planning

Treatment Planning Tool

Making my treatment planning

process accessible to you!

The Tool includes:

  • Fillable PDF workbook to jot down thoughts as you go through the questions
  • Save or print this document so you can use it the way that makes sense for you
  • Helpful videos to take your knowledge even further
  • Handy appendix with information about the most commonly used substances

Clinical Consultation

For when you need some

clinical consultation in a 1:1 setting

Have specific clients you’d like to discuss?

Clinical consultation:

  • Is coordinated directly with Betsy via email after a discussion of your needs, the consultation process and rates have been established.
  • Does not count as supervision, but you are welcome to document that you consulted with a colleague with expertise in this area.
  • Has no specified number of consultation sessions and can be scheduled on an as needed basis.
  • Is conducted via a HIPAA compliant version of Zoom.