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If you were with me in my office, I would ask you questions to help evaluate your client’s use and make a plan for how and when to intervene.

Since we are in different parts of the world I created the Treatment Planning Tool  to make my process more accessible to you

The Tool includes:

  • Fillable PDF workbook to jot down thoughts as you go through the questions
  • Save or print this document so you can use it the way that makes sense for you
  • Helpful videos to take your knowledge even further
  • Handy appendix with information about the most commonly used substances

Have you ever experienced this in your practice?

  • Your client is using substances, but aren’t sure if you should broach the subject
  • You want to bring up the substance use but aren’t sure where to start
  • You have questions about how concerned you should be about a person’s use

Hi, I’m Betsy.

I’m a licensed therapist, substance use counselor, clinical supervisor and a person in long-term recovery from substance use. When I started in our field I felt confident in my grad school education and life experience. I figured that I knew most of what I needed to know about doing therapy.

In my first year as a therapist I learned quickly that I was missing a large chunk of information. I had clients who were using substances and I realized I had no idea what to do. I had found my way into my own recovery from substances, but I didn’t know how to translate that to my clients.

I spent the following few years learning everything I could from the substance use counselors I worked with. I went to training, I read articles and talked with my clinical supervisor. I was so thankful I was able to learn what I needed to know! I’m excited to bring this information to you so that you can bring more healing and freedom to your clients!

Effects of substance abuse

Betsy has a way of making complex concepts related to trauma, substance abuse, and mental health issues extremely approachable. I have enjoyed learning from her about substance abuse issues since my background is in mental health and trauma work. She makes the learning enjoyable while also helping me to apply these concepts to my work with clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Aaron P. LICSW

When you download the Treatment Planning Tool you’ll learn how to:

  • Consider the level of risk facing your clients.
  • Determine the level of use as it relates to the DSM criteria.
  • Examine the stage of change that your client is currently in.
  • Reflect on the purpose of your client’s use.
  • Identify the roadblocks to change and decide where to intervene.

You will walk away with an understanding of how soon you need to talk with your client, how to approach them about substance use and prepare for the issues that might be in the way of the client making changes.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, yet explains information in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply to my clients. I left our consultations with several ideas about how to move forward with clients and address concerns I was unsure how to handle. Her experience, knowledge and the time she shares with you are worth so much!

-Veronica G.L. LICSW

You might be wondering if you know enough
to intervene in your client’s use…
You may not have all the information right now, but you do know your client well. The main reason client’s make progress in therapy is the quality of the relationship with a helping professional. The information is important, but your connection with them is where it all starts.

The Treatment Planning Tool will help you consider the factors involved when deciding where to start. You already have the skills needed to talk to your client about sensitive topics, now you just need a few steps to take in order to begin.

You are not alone, I’ve been there too. We can feel like a fish out of water at first, but that goes away quickly. Our expertise and relationship building skills give us almost everything we need to make this leap. All we need is some information!

It’s time to take the next step!

If you want more information like what’s contained in the  Treatment Planning Tool then you are going to love the program coming this fall.

Charting the Course is a live-taught group program designed to give you the information you need to feel confident and competent in addressing substance use.

The 6 module course is taught over several weeks and includes monthly group consultation calls for 6 months post-program.