Episode 55

Lisa is a school social worker who found herself in a pattern of problematic drinking. She kept learning and came to understand what recovery could look like for her. She discovered the concept of gray area drinking which is when someone experiences an alcohol use problem that is not a severe alcohol use disorder yet. It’s a slow slide into drinking that is not average and starting to cause issues in the person’s life. It may not be full blown alcoholism yet, but it can be destructive all the same. Today we get to hear from Lisa about her recovery from alcohol. 

Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Northeast who has been in practice for over 20 years in clinical and educational settings.  After spending several years researching and questioning her own drinking patterns, she decided to make the personal choice to give up drinking with the guidance and support of certified coaches.  Lisa holds certifications as a Professional Coach, a Professional Recovery Coach and a Gray Area Drinking Coach.  Her unique training, which is grounded in strength-based therapy, positive psychology and coaching, gives her the ability to assist women in making positive changes and developing new life stories to find more peace and joy in their lives.

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