Episode 76

Therapy paperwork is a core part of the job. It’s sometimes also a pain in the ass. Developing good habits at the beginning of your career will be incredibly helpful. The majority of our job is about being with people, holding space, helping clients see things in a different light. This is why we go to school and why we want to be therapists to begin with. The paperwork isn’t part of our reason for doing this work. It is however a necessary part of our jobs. There are four main pieces of paperwork that we all have to do. In the beginning they all feel a little clunky and take extra time. However, we all get better at it as things get more familiar to us. Good paperwork habits are created, not instinctive. If you put some time into it in the beginning, your future self will hate paperwork less and you’ll have more time to do things you actually like to do. Today we’ll go over the basic paperwork types and what the point is of each one. 

The things we are covering today are just the therapy paperwork basics. It’s not a total description of how to do each type. Each agency you work for and each medical record you use will have different templates. The goal here is to talk about the basics of paperwork and why we do each type.