Episode 60

Therapist Internships: A guide to choosing the right one

What should I be most focused on in choosing an internship?

How should I go about picking an internship site?

Why are internships so important?

Therapist internships are the most important part of your graduate experience. They can be an amazing experience full of learning opportunities and can feel really worthwhile. They can also feel boring, difficult and not worth your time. Today we’ll talk about setting yourself up to have the best internship possible. 

When we think about graduate school, we likely think about classes, tests and other academic activities. While these are important, it’s really the internship that can give you the best leg up when going into the field. Internships are important for many reasons beyond licensure. Future employers will look at what you did during your therapist internships and the experiences you had. Doing the internship also gives you a taste of what it’s like to be in the field and if its going to be what you expected and wanted. Today’s episode is part 1 of 2 parts talking about therapist internships. First we will talk about what things to look for and the reasons why this experience is critical. Part 2 will talk about how to be a good intern from the perspective of the person who might end up hiring you. 

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