Treatment Planning Tool

You may have come here looking for the Treatment Planning Tool.  You aren’t lost! The original planning tool came out in 2020. It’s been a help to many and it’s not gone for good. It’s undergoing a makeover and will be available in my shop this fall with updates and a new video walk-through! If you’d like to hear when it’s available, just fill out the form below!

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All Things Substance Podcast

We have a unique calling to help bring freedom, healing and hope into people’s lives. We have worked hard to learn all we can to help our clients. Most of us didn’t get the training we needed to work with substance abuse.

I created this podcast to help fill in some gaps and give you accurate information that will help build your knowledge base. So tune in to the All Things Substance podcast today.


How ready do you feel to work with clients who have both substance use and mental health issues?

As therapists, we can often feel hesitant to address someone’s addiction. How do you feel when you have someone present with substance use? Do you feel ready?

Click here to take the 7 question quiz.