Episode #150

I don’t believe we can rely on our agencies or employers to take care of our development or help us with safe care. I believe we need to make sure we are being proactive to make sure we have what we need to help us keep developing as therapists and that we are doing what we can to prevent burnout so we can continue to do the work we love. This is why I LOVE THERABUNDLE. Today I want to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Tamara Howell who created it.

The first Therabundle was released  in the Fall of 2022. Last year there were over 40 resources all pulled together, vetted for their quality and provided to therapists for $100. This year, there’s over 90 resources available on a huge array of topics. The resources are all geared towards US. Curated by therapists for therapists.The fact that its Tamara, heading up the project, is why I feel so confident about it. She practices all areas of her life with integrity and that’s even more important when purchasing things online. I have zero patience for bullshit and the internet is full of it. Therabundle is the opposite of that. It’s way more bang for your buck. Take a listen to my interview with the woman who is behind Therabundle and you’ll see why I hitched myself to this project. 

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From Therabundle.com

We became therapists so we could help people. You started your therapy practice to help people. So did we!  But nobody taught us about:

  • admin and organization
  • networking and social media
  • scheduling and cancellations
  • inbox – the endless inbox!

And everything else we get more than a little behind on even though we joined all the Facebook Groups and read all the Profit First books and signed up to expensive coaching to help grow our practices.

But somehow, no matter how “busy” we are trying to get organized and figure out the biz thing, sometimes, we still feel like a swan. Smooth gliding as far as the eye can see but frantic under the surface of the water.

The truth is . . .We don’t have to spend a fortune to get the backend of our practices organized now.

What we need is a one-stop solution for planning, organizing and implementing every step in our business setup and beyond. A solution by experts created especially for therapists. For all helping professionals.

A mockup with a desktop screen surrounded by ipads, laptop and pages showing the mockups of bundle product offers.Introducing TheraBundle…Choose from over 90 amazing resources to help you build your profitable practice no matter what stage of your career you’re at. From 24-31 October 2023 you can get access to over $8,500 worth of resources for $100! Check it out at Therabundle.com/Betsy