Episode #118 (Re-post of this episode. Original air date in February 2023)

It was all about love. That’s what Dufflyn was looking for from the time she was a small girl all the way into her 40’s. She consistently was seeking to fill a need and find a place to belong. For a long while alcohol and drugs were the answer. Recovery was a process and today we’ll hear her story of finding peace and freedom.


Dufflyn is a Relationship & Recovery Coach, Writer and Speaker. She empowers women to embrace self-responsibility, intimacy, flow and the security of abundance. In her many years of personal recovery, she has supported many women through dating, divorce, marriage, recurrence of addiction, new diagnoses, transference of addiction, and the many other challenges that come along the way. In addition to her training as a coach and interventionist she spent a year apprenticed to renowned Neo Tantra teacher Dawn Cartwright. Dufflyn is the proud co-host of the She Recovers Sharing Circle in Paris, France. Dufflyn works with clients all over the globe. 

From Dufflyn’s website 


“Love me,” he sings.

It is my mantra, my battle cry, the longing I haul wherever I go but unload only when I sing along. Or when I drink.

I am sixteen and totally crushed out on The Longhair’s pouty lips and Bubble Yum voice.

Backstage I stand side-by-side with him for a photo. I am trying so hard in my miniskirt and flea market heels.

After, I whisper to my friend, “He pinched my butt!” I am THRILLED. I am ALIVE. I am CONNECTED.

But the vortex of emptiness comes back strong and often.

It will be years before I can pull the projection inward and harness my popcorn heart; years before I can quit managing my feelings with drugs and alcohol. Years before I realize my idol was grossly inappropriate with underage me.

Every woman can have the love she wants.

And we might need to grow. We might need some guidance. We might need someone to love us while we learn to love ourselves.

I am trained in Attachment Repair, Tantra, Intervention, and Coaching. This makes me a powerful ally for any woman on a healing journey who wants to create healthy relationships without slipping into old patterns.

I wish I could talk to the vulnerable girl I was back then.

I would tell her; you have everything you need inside you.

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