Episode 87

Natalie is a mom of two, wife to her husband and a therapist specializing in treating trauma and substance use. Her use history  is a little different from the things we usually see in outpatient therapy. She managed to skate by several therapists without getting honest about her addiction. The disease of addiction tries very hard to keep things hidden. Natalie’s story is one of redemption as she tells us  how she managed to hide her addiction, how it all fell apart and what it took to bring her back together.

https://gssana.org/books/na-step-working-guide.pdf NA Step Working Guide

https://na.org/  Narcotics Anonymous

https://www.aa.org/ Alcoholics Anonymous

https://lifering.org/ LifeRing Secular (non-religious) Recovery

https://sherecovers.org/ She Recovers (you can access the Facebook group here)

https://womenforsobriety.org/ Women for Sobriety

https://www.smartrecovery.org/ SMART Recovery

https://r20.com/ Recovery 2.0