Episode 59

Jill  is a holistic health nurse, certified professional recovery coach, bioenergetic practitioner, and yoga instructor.  Jill’s recovery journey included healing her own significant health challenges that mainstream medicine inadequately addressed. She shares her journey of healing and strength with us on today’s episode.

Helpful Links

https://jillrathburn.com/ Jill’s website

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https://www.smartrecovery.org/ SMART Recovery

https://r20.com/ Recovery 2.0

 https://betsybyler.com/treatment-tool/ Free Treatment Tool

From Jill’s website:

Jill Rathburn, BSN, RN, CPC, CPRC, RTY is a holistic health nurse, certified professional recovery coach (including SheRecovers coach), bioenergetic practitioner, and yoga instructor (200 RYT, Y12SR). She maintains a nursing license in Pennsylvania and Maryland. She is in recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD), sugar addiction, eating disorders, and trauma. Jill’s recovery journey included healing her own significant health challenges that mainstream medicine inadequately addressed.

Recovery Journey Embraces Holistic Healing

After entering recovery in 2016, Jill embarked on a journey that led her to discover comprehensive healing approaches in both Western and Eastern modalities. Initially, to overcome the struggles with relapse so common in early recovery, Jill used yogic philosophy (sutras), yoga practice, and meditation to shift her level of consciousness and change her relationship to alcohol. Yoga helped Jill connect her mind, body, and spirit to manifest her new reality.

From there, Jill’s healing journey focused on the numerous health problems brought on by years of alcohol abuse—namely insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, memory issues, weight gain (from sugar cravings & metabolic dysfunction), gut dysbiosis, hormonal imbalances, liver impairment, autoimmune disorders, and fragile emotional health.

To address these, Jill researched and implemented various holistic health strategies including a food-as-medicine approach, energy work (acupuncture, reiki), exercise/movement therapy, chiropractic care, gut analysis and repair, blood-sugar balance, dental health, brain health , detoxification pathway support, detoxifying the environment, heavy metal analysis, building emotional intelligence, PEMF therapy, brain retraining, and light therapy.

Jill has seen firsthand the healing properties of simple consistent lifestyle choices to support the mind-body connection, such as organic whole foods (primarily plants), no added sugar or processed food, proper supplementation, structured and filtered water, detoxification strategies, intermittent fasting, and vagus nerve stimulation.

The Path to Energetic Healing

While her health improved significantly over time, Jill’s lingering issues of brain fog and fatigue were only finally overcome through NES bioenergetic health, a cutting-edge form of energy work. Because of her experience, she became a certified NES bioenergetic practitioner who analyzes the body’s energetic pathways with a state-of-the-art bioscanner to identify blocked and dysfunctional systems and offer recommendations for correction. After years of normal aging, substance abuse, and/or trauma, our energetic fields need attention, since energy is the basis of life. By supporting our energetic health, we improve all aspects of our health. 

Jill received her RYT 200 yoga certification at The Sattva Center in Rishikesh, India. She also holds a certification with Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) and is a Reiki Master. Jill is a cyclist, spin instructor, and gardener, and she loves playing cards, especially bridge, euchre, and pinochle.

Jill and her husband live in Ellicott City, Maryland.