Episode 79

Gabe is a dad of two children, husband to his wife who is also in recovery and a successful small business owner. He’s built his life around recovery and is celebrating 16 years of recovery. The days when he was using feel like a long time ago. But his life really did take a turn for the worst and things could have gone very differently for him. 

While the background details are different, I related to Gabe’s experience with substances. He was an impulsive kid, like me. We both could see our addiction popping up long before we started using. The first times we used substances, it was like falling in love. It became our sole focus from that moment until we quit. The details in between starting and stopping differ. His story involved more criminal charges, getting arrested as an adult and ultimately prison. No shade here, he’s right when he says “we are the same.” Just because we didn’t have the exact consequences we understand each other as addicts. It’s freeing to know that. I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was on the same path he was (using, stealing, lying, missing good opportunities) and absolutely would have had a similar end as he did. For whatever reason I was able to get sober a little earlier in life, before adult consequences caught up with me. Thank you Gabe, for talking with me and sharing your story.

Helpful Links

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