Episode #121

Brian was 18 when he first suspected that he had a problem with gambling. Surely 18 years old was too young to have an addiction right? He spent the next several years trying to win his way out of the hole of debt he was in. He found out that it’s true what they say, the house always wins. Today we’ll hear Brian’s story of recovery from gambling addiction. 


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Gambling Disorder Screening Day: A Guide for Screeners


Creator/Host All In: The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast—Co-creator/Co-host The Bet Free Life—Co-creator/Producer Fall In: The Problem Gambling Podcast for Military Service Members and Veterans

Brian threw away his dreams of being a comedian to spend his nights in casinos. After a 14 year battle with gambling and relapses, he decided to try another way- TALKING about his FEELINGS. In January of 2015 he started the world’s first gambling addiction podcast. Since that time the podcast has grown to over 350 episodes with interviews from the lived experience community, affected others, clinicians, academics, advocates, public health workers, and RG managers. He speaks from the heart about his own recovery and hopes it helps. #talkinghelps