Episode #98

Recovery stories are so important, for us to hear but also for people in recovery to tell. This is true for me as well! For this recovery week, in National Recovery Month, I’m going to share my recovery story. I’ve told this story in small bits here and there but never in full on the podcast.

Charting the Course

You became a therapist to help people heal and live more fulfilling lives. You learned everything you could in school, soaked up knowledge from colleagues, listened intently to clients and learned the art of being a therapist.

Over the years you’ve seen countless clients with a wide range of issues. You’ve learned how to work with all sorts of people and all of their different issues. You’ve taken training to learn new skills and approaches. You’ve read, you’ve listened and you’ve watched to help yourself grow as a therapist.

There’s one area where it’s been hard to find the answers you need, substance use. Your clients trust you, like talking with you and you don’t want to refer out. You’ve searched and perhaps gone to trainings, but haven’t found what you are looking for. You want to be able to work with client’s substance use in-house.

You wish you could find a way to learn how to treat substance use without going back for another license or learning a new modality. You know that there must be a way to help your clients without sending them away. You’re ready to dig into this area with your clients, now you just need the right information.

Charting the Course  gives you the information you need to feel confident and competent in helping your client assess their substance use and move towards the life they want.

Doors are opening soon! Hop on the waitlist to be notified when registration begins.

Helpful Links 


https://na.org/  Narcotics Anonymous

https://www.aa.org/ Alcoholics Anonymous

https://lifering.org/ LifeRing Secular (non-religious) Recovery

https://sherecovers.org/ She Recovers (you can access the Facebook group here)

https://womenforsobriety.org/ Women for Sobriety

https://www.smartrecovery.org/ SMART Recovery

https://r20.com/ Recovery 2.0